‘If you don’t look after your health you can’t expect free access to healthcare.’ Is this wrong?

Hello readers, welcome back to my blog. As you may have realised, I haven’t published any posts in the last few weeks. Unfortunately I was quite busy preparing for my exams and I didn’t have much time to share any economics ideas with you. The good news however is that I am now on summer holiday which means I will have much more time to discuss economics.

In this post I thought I would share an essay that I recently wrote for the royal economic society competition. It looks at healthcare and whether or not we should grant free access to those that don’t look after their own health such as smokers.

I hope that you enjoy reading it and if you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to share them below.

Below the link to the essay is an article by the guardian which contains more information on this topic, should you wish to read more around this topic.

Rajveer Sira