Carbon Taxes and Negative Externalities

Hello readers, welcome back to Last time, you might remember me discussing inflation and what the most recent figure from the ONS means to the everyday consumer.

In this post, I thought I would do something slightly different. I have recently finished writing an essay, which argues that ‘a large and extended tax on carbon’ is the best policy response to the negative externalities caused by carbon emissions, and I thought I would share it with you all. In the essay, I discuss why this is the case and how the other alternatives simply can’t offer what a tax is able to do. I have used a number of countries as case studies to back up my arguments and have exhausted the reasons as to why other alternatives such as Cap & Trade or Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) have many problems. If you like the sound of this and think it would interest you, then please give it a read and post your own comments or views on the topic below or send them to I have attached the link below which will allow you to read the PDF version.

If you decide to research the topic further yourself, you will find that it’s a very controversial topic and that different people will have different opinions based on their understanding of the situation. Take Donald Trump for example. He thinks it’s all just a “hoax” and doesn’t think it’s his responsibility to protect future generations from climate change and its damaging effects.

Nevertheless here’s my take:




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